ELC Information Security - 12 steps of InfoSec course customization

Customized Security Awareness Training Course

Here at ELC Information Security, we strive to provide informative, quality Security Awareness Training courses to our customers.  Our customized courses are no different.  We work with our customers to provide customized courses to meet the needs of their specific company and/or industry.  Here’s a quick guide to the steps involved in the customization process.

  1. The potential customer requests a course demo.
  2. The prospect is enrolled in the requested course on ELC’s demo Learning Management System.
  3. The quote includes options for customization and LMS hosting.
  4. The prospect reviews quote and approves the purchase.
  5. The prospect is now a customer.
  6. The course narrative is sent to the customer for customization to include company specific policies and incident reporting contacts.
  7. The customer returns the course narrative with edits.
  8. The images, narrative, and other text of the course are revised to meet customer satisfaction.
  9. The customer approves the course.
  10. The course is installed on the destination LMS (ours or theirs).
  11. The customer has at least one person take and review the course for approval before the course is announce to employees.
  12. Employees are enrolled at the date and time specified by the customer.