Phishing Awareness Training 1-min

ELC Information Security is proud to announce the immediate availability of our 2019 Phishing Awareness Training.

The update of our Phishing Awareness Training is one of the many updates we have made to our training courses.  As with all of our courses, we have refreshed the narrative, updated the content to reflect the most current threats, revised the images, and prepared new quiz questions.

Social engineers adapt their hacking attempts to overcome the latest information security hardware and software.  They are always looking for ways to make it past a company’s last line of defense – your employees.  This is exactly why it is critical that your employees are properly trained to identify and deal with the latest and greatest threats.  Even your most technically savvy employees are susceptible to these attacks.  The hackers develop more elaborate and authentic looking emails due to ever growing resources in their dark world.  Some hackers just purchase what they need from the dark web, including the emails and personal information about the company and/or it’s employees.  No employee is off limits.  Hackers will go after executives, specific departments such as human resources or accounting, whoever will give them the access they need to take their attack to the next level.  

Here are some of the topics covered in the course:

  • Why criminals phish
  • Methods of deception
  • Links and URL’s
  • The anatomy of a URL
  • Authentic URL’s
  • Spear Phishing
  • Catphishing
  • Recognizing a phish
  • Email attachments

The course itself is about 10 minutes followed by a 10 question quiz.  The course and quiz should take 15 minutes or less to complete.  Due to the critical nature of the content, we recommend 100% as the passing grade for this course.  We can adjust the passing score at your discretion, but we strongly advise against it.  That one employee who misses that one question could be the one that sets off a catastrophic scenario for your company.