Are you users prepared to deal with the most advanced phishing attacks?  Put them to the test.  ELC Information Security can help using our Employee Phishing Service.  Our state of the art program will send your users simulations of the current threats.  Our comprehensive reports will provide you with everything you need to train yours accordingly.  Of course, we can help with training as well.

Contact ELC Information Security to learn more.  For March 2018, we are offering new customers one free phishing test (up to 100 users) with the purchase of any of our Security Awareness training.

ELC Information Security

Complete custom phishing emails and landing page options.

Targeted phishing emails opened by unsuspecting employees are behind many of the most serious data breach incidents. PhishingPoll tests and trains your most vulnerable employees. Even technically savvy employees can fall prey to phishing emails.

Our phishing service will test your team with phishing emails that simulate real life Phishing attacks. We customize phishing emails and landing pages that address specific employee vulnerabilities. Campaign results are available on-demand.


Employee Phishing Service Offers
Customization – to help address specific vulnerabilities
Library of test phishing emails – simulating emails from popular shopping sites, banks, delivery companies, social media, and more
On-demand reporting of vulnerable users – name, email, date and time
Scheduling of phishing campaigns
Custom landing pages – you choose to alert your team with landing page
Flat rate pricing – up to two campaigns per month, minimum 3 months