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InfoSec Training – ELC Information Security Announces Launch Of Condensed, 15-Minute Information Security Awareness Training Course

ST PETERSBURG, FL, January 9th, 2019ELC Information Security, the leading provider of customized information security training since 2007, announced today the release of its 15-minute Information Security Awareness Training, which is a shortened version of its highly successful 40-minute course of the same name.

“When employee time is limited, security training must be quick and efficient” said Mr. Sam Carter, President of ELC Information Security. “The 15-minute Information Security Awareness Training is directed to businesses that need their employees trained on Security Awareness and would like to get all critical training topics, in the shortest possible time.”

The training covers a broad range of subjects and utilizes a unique narrative to deliver course content in a concise but engaging manner. The training offers a comprehensive learning experience that equips learners with the tools they need to keep abreast with the latest threats and best practices in information security.

Topics covered include: social engineering; phishing; email and messaging; browsing; social media; passwords; protecting information; data destruction; Wi-Fi security; reporting incidents; ransomware; appropriate use; remote computing; personal cloud computing; data leakage; BYOD; physical security; personal computing and advanced persistent threat. The course also contains an optional 10-question quiz, which averages three and a half minutes of additional time for learners, bringing the course length to 15 minutes or less.

ELC Information Security provides businesses with various course customization options, namely branded and customizable narrative and optional branded LMS hosting. The 15-minute Information Security Awareness Training can also be offered with most language translations, and with options pertaining to the final course quiz, whose passing score can be adjusted on a scale of 0% – 100%. Furthermore, the company also offers an optional acknowledgment of responsibility statement, which may contain a complete policy statement or abridged summary, and must be accepted for completion.

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