Jeff Rossen from NBC News Today show went out on the street in New York City to see if everyday people could recognize phishing e-mails.  The examples he used showed how savvy hackers are becoming in order to access your personal information.  The e-mails looked very legitimate.  Most of the people could not find any reason not to believe the e-mails were from the actual company that appeared on the e-mail.  Hackers are evolving as fast as technology, sometimes faster, all in an attempt to reap financial rewards by stealing your identity, collecting a ransom, or accessing your company’s information to sell to other criminals.

The people in this report are just like employees at your company.  Are your users trained to recognize a PHISHING e-mail?  Contact ELC Information Security for more information and we can help you put them to the test with our Employee Phishing Service.  We can customize the Phishing Simulation to meet your company’s needs.  Based on the results of the test, ELC Information Security can recommend Information Security Awareness training to help keep your company’s data secure.