6 Reasons Employees Don't Want To Complete Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training For Employees Can Be Difficult To Implement

Employees are not always keen to doing anything that is outside of what they normally do.  Change is hard sometimes.  New training initiatives can be problematic for companies.  Employees do everything they can to avoid anything that they were not required to do previously.  Security Awareness Training is no different.  Companies have to make sure they do everything possible to get 100% buy-in from their employees.  A good first step for companies is to select a training course that is engaging, interactive, and relevant to the employees.  An off the shelf course may not be the best option.  Just checking the box that employees completed security awareness training is not the right way to go.  For example, spending less on ineffective training is not cost effective.  In the end, what’s the benefit?  Spending a little more for the right training will benefit everyone – employees and the company.

Security Awareness Training That Employees Want To Do

Here are 6 reasons employees will be reluctant to take security awareness training. 

  1. I don’t have time – It it highly unlikely that any employee’s time is more valuable than doing everything they can to keep the company’s data secure.
  2. I know what I’m doing – Even the savviest of employees may not be up to date on the latest and greatest threats.
  3. It’s not my job – All employees should understand that it is everyone’s job to protect the company and it’s data.
  4. I did it last year – That may be the case, but just like #2 above, attacks are evolving all the time.  Last year’s threats may still be a problems, but new ones are always on the horizon.
  5. Let my colleague do it and tell me about it – Every employee needs to do their part.  Second hand information is not the best information.
  6. Management isn’t doing it, why should I – Again, everyone needs to do their part, including management.  Management participation can go a long way to show how vital the training is to the entire company.

Employees are the more important line of defense against constantly evolving threats.  Make sure they understand how important it is for everyone to do everything they can to keep the company’s data secure.  Company’s should find training that their employees will want to do.