Training employees is an ongoing challenge that every organization faces. An efficient and comprehensive education program is essential to maintaining the security of any enterprise.

Here are several features that you should include in your security awareness training and eLearning programs.

Email Reminders – Utilize automatic email reminders to notify employees that have not completed mandatory training.

Single Sign-on – If available, use a single system to seamlessly log employees into their training session.

Company Policy – Incorporate company policy into an eLearning course to provide consistent training.

Contact Information – Provide a point of contact for incident reporting.

Pause & Resume – Allow employees to pick up where they left off if their training session is interrupted.

Mobility – Web based training allows employees to complete the course from any location or device including tablets.

Quiz – Require employees to pass a quiz after completing training to make sure they understood the content.

Course Length – Tailor your program to meet the needs of your organization. Only train employees on subjects that are relevant to their job function.

Record Keeping – Maintain a records database of training completion along with quiz scores for audit compliance.

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