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Complacency is the biggest obstacle to maintaining information security. Many organizations fail to treat security concerns with the seriousness they deserve. Many individuals do not see security as part of their job. If it is not an explicit part of their duties, security is “someone else’s problem.” Maintaining security becomes possible only when all employees makes this their responsibility and understands how critical a role they play. The first step to protecting your organization from information leaks and breaches is to implement effective security awareness training for every employee.

Expensive Technology Does Not Always Mean Effective Security

A common misconception is that simply investing in expensive technology safeguards an organization from security breaches. This is far from the truth. While an effective technological solution may protect the business’s data from unauthorized users outside the organization, this is not the only concern to address. A significant degree of risk arises from disgruntled employees who intentionally create vulnerabilities, or innocent staff who unknowingly compromise data security. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation report, about 14% of data breaches are perpetrated by insiders.

Security awareness training helps avoid breaches caused by employees who may inadvertently expose the business’s data to outsiders. It also trains staff to spot and report potential problems. Investing in an expensive security solution will only yield results when you have addressed these risk factors within the organization, and this is possible only when you train employees for security awareness.

Formal Training Curbs Business Vulnerability

In-house training is part of the orientation program at many organizations, but the question is whether these are effective. Can you afford to invest the time, money, and labor it takes to upgrade your in-house security awareness training program? Do you have the kind of expertise needed to create an effective, foolproof training program that adapts to emerging risks?

New security risks are arising every day. Unscrupulous data seekers outside your organization are coming up with new methods to hack into your database, steal sensitive information, or launch a malicious attack that can freeze your operations for an indefinite period of time. A successful attack of this kind can translate into significant monetary loss. You also stand to lose the trust and confidence of your entire customer base if the news of the security breach becomes public.

These threats make it more than worthwhile to invest in an effective security awareness training program designed by experts who have a complete understanding of this field. This kind of training program comes with distilled information, tips, techniques and solutions that empower your staff and transform them into your first line of defense against security breaches.

The Growing Need for Security Awareness Training

A 2012 IBM X-Force report indicated that businesses face cyber-attacks an average of 2 million times per week, many of which are successful. There has never been a greater need for effective, reliable, and comprehensive security which can exist only when your workforce has the requisite security awareness training to identify and combat these threats.