Frequently Asked Questions

A good Security Awareness campaign will improve secure computing habits of personnel with access to information systems. Also referred to as Information Security Training, Cyber Security Awareness Training, or Employee Awareness Training.

Employees learn how to identify a threat/attack and what to do next.  In a lot of cases, employees are the last line of defense against attacks from hackers.

A reputable and experienced security awareness training provider will be up to date on the most current threats.  Spam, malware, phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and more should be covered.

One employee clicking the wrong link can cause great damage to a company.  A breach could render systems useless, customer data could be stolen and used for criminal activity, confidential company information may be accessed – these are just a few examples.  Any of these could cause a public relations issue with customers and/or government entities.   The cost of training can pay for itself several times over by thwarting just one attack.

A good security awareness training company will work with you to provide training that reinforces internal company policies.

Annual training is the industry standard.  Employees come and go plus it is always beneficial for the training to reinforce what they may have previously learned.

At ELC we have over 10 years of experience providing security awareness training.  We provide training that covers current threats with relevant and interactive courses to keep your employees engaged.  We customize courses to be pertinent to your company and industry.

All of our courses test users throughout the training along with a quiz at the end.  We will work with your team to select an acceptable passing grade and report results.  Also, our Employee Phishing Service uses real world phishing emails to simulate an attack.  The results will provide insight to your company as to what is working and which employees may need some additional training.