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Information Security Awareness Training Is More Important Every Day

Attacks are more frequent and savvier each day.  Your employees are your company's first line of defense.  Give them the tools they need to protect your company's data.  The potential cost of one employee clicking on one malicious…

ELC Information Security – Our Training Process

ELC Information Security provides industry leading information security awareness training to prepare your workforce for the latest security threats - phishing awareness, phishing simulation, ransomware, etc.
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ELC Information Security – Who are we and what we do

ELC Information Security is a leading provider of customized information security training systems.   Please watch to learn more about the information security awareness training that we offer and why it is important for your comp…

NBC News Rossen Reports – PHISHING On The Street

Jeff Rossen from NBC News Today show went out on the street in New York City to see if everyday people could recognize phishing e-mails.  The examples he used showed how savvy hackers are becoming in order to access your personal information. …
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Meltdown and Spectre – Intel Flaws – What Now?

Intel chip hacks - Meltdown and Spectre - What do I do now? The big news this week regarding information security is all about security flaws with Intel processors - specifically named Meltdown and Spectre.  Based on countless articles…